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RobinStockerHeatPumpsWellingtonimageRobin Stocker is an experienced professional who takes pride in his work. Because Robin is the Go-To-Guy if you want to have someone you can trust working in your home – he is your obvious choice for installing your Heat Pump.

If you value experience you can’t go past Robin, because he has over 40 years’ experience in the building services industry; both hands on and managerial.

He has been involved with design, maintenance and commissioning of plant and equipment.

For the last 15 years Robin has run Engineering Services Ltd as a company dedicated to providing the best solutions for his client’s needs.

If you value independance and honest advice Robin is the obvious choice, because he is not tied to one product or system.

Because Robin works with and for you he will find a solution that is tailor made exclusively for your project.

Because Heat Pumps can give extremely high efficiencies they are a wonderful solution to your heating or cooling needs.

However – because Heat Pumps  are very sophisticated and complicated machines they need to be installed carefully – and thoroughly.

Otherwise the life expectancy of your Heat Pump will be short.

This is made clear in all manufacturer’s installations, but generally not followed by fast installers.

If you cut corners installing your Heat Pump, you’ll pay a painful price for shoddy, careless workmanship very soon.

It makes sense to leave it to an expert with many years of experience, who takes care and pride in giving the best service to you.

As you expect with a highly trained professional, Robin has a New Zealand Certificate in Engineering, and in addition the Post Graduate Diploma in Energy Management.

He participates regularly in on-going Service Training from Daikin, Fujitsu and other leading Heat Pump brands.

Naturally, Robin holds ALL the necessary “Refrigeration Gas Handlers Certificates” required by law.

Robin is experienced, qualified, certified and the natural choice for your Heat Pump Installation.

Call Robin today for an obligation free consultation. He can tailor the perfect solution for your needs.

Give Robin a call now on 027 298 0041

or send him an email inquiry through his CONTACT page.