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If you are new to Wellington, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Those who have lived here for months or years already know how the weather can be at times. While Wellington is always a place of pristine beauty and breathtaking scenery, the weather is often unpredictable, unforgiving and extreme. During the winter, you should expect cold, wet, winds at freezing temperatures due to the wind-chill factor.

HeatPumpsWellington image1These freezing cold-snaps can beat strong wind-gusts against your home, and rattle anyone who steps outside. The summer months can be quite the opposite, with dry, hot temperatures that could quickly fry an ostrich egg. Don’t let the weather ruin your time in Wellington. Have a professional install a new heat-pump system (and maybe even one of the latest ground source heat pumps) in your home and take control of the weather under your roof.

Professional Heat Pump installations are what make it possible to live comfortably in a place with this kind of changing weather. With proper insulation and installation, you can keep your home at the temperature you like, despite what the temperature is outside. Slight errors in the installation could result in higher energy bills or malfunctioning systems, which is why it is so important that you take the time to find a qualified and certified specialist to perform the installation for you. A professional installation is quick, effective, and gets the job done, but only if it’s performed by the right guy.

While your professional air-conditioning specialist is in your home installing the new HEat Pump system, he’ll take the time to explain the mechanical and electrical functions of your Heat-Pump system. This will help you deal with much of the regular maintenance and care over the years to come. The systems installed for two different households or offices aren’t always the same. For example your heat-pump system installed is usually chosen specifically and customized for your home, lifestyle, and preferences.

There is a huge variety of different Heat Pump systems on the market and if you aren’t sure how each one works, Robin Stocker is the best guy to point you in the right direction and let you know what counts and what to avoid.

RobinStocker3Robin will work with you along each step of the way to ensure that the ideal heat-pump system is selected, fits within your budget, and can operate at maximum efficiency within your home. There are some other factors you’ll have to consider, such as the overall cost to run the machine for years ( ie. energy and maintenance costs). All of this information can be uncovered with the help of Robin Stocker, the professional heat-pump installer of choice by most people in Wellington. Ask Robin about ground source heat pumps too.

Robin’s work doesn’t stop there with the installation of the system. You can rely on him any time you need assistance, care, repairs, or maintenance for your Heat Pump system, whether it’s a heating pump, ventilations system, or central air conditioner. Repairs aren’t something you should have to tackle yourself, as these are sophisticated machines and Robin is a highly qualified, experienced professional who has been trained to work with them.

If you have an existing heat pump or air-conditioning system that you need completely replaced, Robin can help you with that as well, from removing the old the system to installing the new one. When it comes to expert advice, in-depth product knowledge and outstanding customer service, you can’t go past Robin Stocker, the preferred professional heat pump installer in Wellington.