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What is a heat pump? Your heat pump heats & cools your home all year long.  In the summer time your heat pump transfers undesirable heat from inside your home and moves it outside.  During the heating season your heat pump takes heat that is in the air outside & transfers that desired heat into your home.

Most Heat pumps use a reversing valve that reverses the refrigerent flow cycle & that’s how your heat pump can heat & cool your Wellington or Kapiti Coast home all year round.

Robin installs, repairs & services the following types of heat pump products:

  • Daikin heat pump,
  • Mitsubishi heat pump,
  • Fujitsu heat pump,
  • mini split heat pump,
  • he designs and installs solar floor heating and
  • under floor heating solutions for you.

Please BEWARE!!!

Is your heat pump contractor going to use accepted, industry best practices during your heat pump installation?

Is he insuring a long happy life from your new heat pump system while protecting your investment?

A clean installation is crucial to your heat pumps life cycle.

I often use the analogy of a spray paint can or spray starch nozzle when talking about how your new heat pump delivers out your refrigerant.

A heat pump expansion valve works similar to a spray can nozzle. If your expansion valve gets clogged up, your heat pump will be in trouble & stop working!  BTW…

And guess what –  you can bet that your heat pump will probably stop working on the coldest or hottest day of the year when you need it the most!

So don’t delay – get ready for winter and call Robin now on 027 298 0041 to service your heat pump now!